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Racial Discrimination And Harassment Are Unacceptable And Illegal

While several federal and state laws protect workers from racial discrimination, it is still an unfortunately common problem that workers face. If you experienced workplace discrimination or harassment because of your skin color or other personal characteristics associated with race, you need to protect your rights. A skilled employment law attorney can help you protect your rights and get your deserved compensation if you experienced racial discrimination or harassment.

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Identifying Racial Discrimination

Proving that you experienced racial discrimination can be a complex problem. Employers and coworkers will often not directly say that they discriminated against someone because of their race. Because of the subtle way that racial discrimination occurs, it is important for victims to work with a lawyer who can closely investigate every aspect of their case.

Here are a few examples of racial discrimination that occur at the workplace:

  • Use of derogatory terms or racial slurs about a person’s race
  • The display of racially offensive or discriminatory symbols
  • Discriminating against someone because they are married to a person of a different race or skin color
  • Overlooking a person of color for a promotion or mentoring opportunities

At Karpf, Karpf & Cerutti, P.C., our attorneys will use our more than 100 years of combined employment law experience to help you create an effective case strategy. We work closely with every client to create an individualized strategy for their case.

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