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Helping Employees Who Are The Victims Of Religious Discrimination

Federal religious anti-discrimination laws protect the rights of employees of any sincerely held religious belief. Employers can ignore these laws by refusing to acknowledge an employee’s belief or treating them differently. If you are the victim of religious discrimination, Karpf, Karpf & Cerutti, P.C., can help protect your rights. We have helped clients throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

What Exactly Is Religious Discrimination?

Our knowledgeable employment law attorneys will fight for you and hold your employer accountable. There are two basic forms of discrimination that are recognized by law. The first is when the company you work for fails to make a reasonable accommodation. Once you have notified your employer of a legitimate belief that conflicts with a job requirement, they are required to make an effort to accommodate your needs. If they fail to do so, you may have a case.

The second form of discrimination is religious harassment. This means that your co-workers, whether a manager or colleague, cannot harass you in any way. It can range from making jokes about your beliefs to threatening termination. You also cannot be forced to participate in any religious activities that you don’t believe in. Our attorneys will advocate for you and those who need it most.

Religious Discrimination Is Illegal. Get The Help Your Case Deserves.

Whether your employer is not letting you celebrate a specific holiday, or they allow harassment from other coworkers, you have rights. Trust a firm with over 100 years of combined experience. To discuss your case with our attorneys in Philadelphia or Bensalem, call 215-639-0801. To talk with someone in our Marlton or Astoria office, contact 609-683-4022. You can also email us by clicking here.