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Making The Right Choice For Your Employment Law Case

In these tough economic times, it may seem that your employer has all the power. You may think that you have few, if any, rights against the actions of your employer. But this is simply not true. Federal, state, and local laws protect workers and regulate various aspects of the employer-employee relationship. Our employment attorneys in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York can advise you how these various laws apply to your situation.

  • Wages and overtime
  • Leave time
  • Hiring and firing
  • Discrimination and hostile work environments
  • Pensions and employee benefits
  • Workplace safety
  • Accommodations for employees who are disabled

If you are having trouble in any of these areas, the experienced team of employment attorneys at Karpf, Karpf & Cerutti, P.C. may be able to help. Our lawyers are skilled and experienced litigators who know how to achieve the results you want. And unlike some law firms who dabble in the area, our attorneys center their practices on the area of employee rights. The attorneys at Karpf, Karpf & Cerutti, P.C., P.C. are dedicated to ensuring that employers treat our clients fairly.

At Karpf, Karpf & Cerutti, P.C., our employment lawyers in Bucks County are dedicated to helping you with workplace issues. We understand the personal difficulties inherent in bringing legal action against your employer and are prepared to do what is necessary to protect your rights. Additionally, our Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York labor and employment attorneys at Karpf, Karpf & Cerutti, P.C., have experience dealing with the various state and federal agencies that can be involved in employee rights claims. We are knowledgeable about administrative procedures and know how to efficiently pursue your claim.

Do Not Base Your Decision On Rumors

At-will employees have legal rights. Despite what you may have heard, at-will employees CANNOT be fired for ANY reason, employers of at-will employees CANNOT ignore certain requests for assistance, and at-will employees DO NOT have to tolerate illegal harassment.

Our practice focuses on informing employees and former employees about their legal rights concerning the workplace and helping them to take swift legal action on their behalf when necessary. If you believe your rights are being violated, you should contact an attorney at your earliest convenience. This is because many employment laws are complicated and require you to make an administrative filing quickly, sometimes as soon as 30-90 days from the alleged illegal action.

It is our view that as attorneys, we are merely a tool. This means that you always remain in control of your own case and are advised throughout each stage of the administrative process and court process about your best options. At Karpf, Karpf & Cerutti, P.C., we pride ourselves on being selective in the employment cases we handle, being very accessible, and keeping our clients updated on the status of their cases.

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If you think your employer is engaging in discrimination or other unfair conduct, do not wait to contact one of the labor attorneys at Karpf, Karpf & Cerutti, P.C. We are available by phone at 215-639-0801 in Pennsylvania or 609-683-4022 in New Jersey or you can contact us online. We offer a free initial consultation.